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In the Beginning
Tank Shots

Livestock details can be found on my other pages, but here's the 411 on my dry goods:

Display tank
150 gallon acrylic, 5' x 2' x 2' with center overflow and dry box
112 gallon acrylic, 6' x 18" x 20"
Pump for sump
Reeflo Sequence Hammerhead (5800gph)
Pump for closed loop
Reeflo Sequence Hammerhead (5800gph)
Protein skimmer
Vertex IN-250 venturi skimmer
Media reactor
NextReef MR1, with upgraded central chamber, connections, and screens to increase flow
Bio Pellets (~500cc) in reactor, brand varies by sale, but usually Vertex

Carbon (~100cc) in home-made Gatorade bottle media reactor in sump, changed monthly
Ca/Alk Dosing
Bulk Reef Supply 2-part (plus monthly Mg) dosed via 2 BRS Drew's Doser pumps

1.5" for all sump/closed loop plumbing

2 x Tek Lighting Retrofit 60" 2x80w (Giesemann ActinicPlus x 1, ActinicBluePlus x 2, AquaPink x 1)

8 x Ecoxotic Panorama LED Modules (8 x 8000K, 4 x 453nm).

3 x Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Modules (8 x 8000K, 4 x 453nm).

3 x Ecoxotic Blue (24 x 453nm) LED Stunner Strips with reflectors.

1x Ecoxotic Panorama LED Module (8 x 8000K, 4 x 453nm) for refugium section of sump

Reefkeeper Lite controller

~80 pounds coarse aragonite sand (Nature's Ocean) in tank and refugium
~100 pounds western tufa base rock

~50 pounds live rock (well, it was more alive until my heater killed it)

~20 pounds live rock rubble in sump

Feeding Schedule
Omega One Small Marine Pellets once daily

Ocean Nutrition Formula 2 Small Pellets once daily

Frozen mysis shrimp to dendro and sun corals every 3-4 days

Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast at lights-out every other night

Rod's Food (original blend) mixed with Trader Joe's crushed garlic every 3-4 days

Temp 78-80°
Salinity 1.025
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0
Phosphate 0
Magnesium Not measured recently
Hardness/Alkalinity 8-10dkh
Calcium ~420

Spring 2016: Good things tend to come to an end. For reasons that shouldn't be discussed here, it became prudent to take down the tank. So sometime in the springtime (I've blocked the actual date from my memory), a guy named Adam from down-river came with his buddies, packed the whole enchilada up, and took it home. The tank was a lot of fun, and it was running like a well-oiled machine come the last four years or so. My updates and my upkeep became mimimal, and the tank more-or-less took care of itself (with the exception of twice-a-month gentle cleanings). Fish and coral came and went, but all-in-all the tank was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone at Kee's and on all of the reef forums that helped me along the way. Perhaps in the future there'll be another (smaller, aggressive) tank to post pictures of!

10/7/11: A year's gone by, and all is still going well. I've dropped my water changes to 20% every other week, and have added Ca/Alk dosing over the past few months with dramatic improvements in parameter stability and SPS growth. I'm still working on SPS coloration (lighting and flow issue) but I'm pretty happy with my hard coral growth. My softies and LPS are continuing to grow well, but slower than I think they would if I didn't have what is called an ultra-low-nutrient system (which helps my SPS to grow).

10/10/10: I haven't posted in a while, but all is going amazingly well (knock on wood!). I do weekly 20% water changes, continue to dose AlgaeFix, and skim aggressively. That, in conjunction with avoiding overfeeding and running the biopellets has kept my nitrates and phosphates unmeasurable, kept the tank clean, the fish/corals thriving, and the algae at bay.

7/22/10: Going to aggressively attack my hair algae with a 2 prong approach. Attack #1: Started dosing API AlgaeFix today (20cc every 3 days until algae gone). Supposedly I should start seeing a change by the 3rd treatment. Stay tuned!

7/16/10: Due to my hair algae outbreak, I've decided to try to play with my chemistries a bit, adding epsom salts to jack up my magnesium, and baking soda to increase my alkalinity.

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