The Details
In the Beginning
Tank Shots

In the beginning there was an early-80's style wet bar. It was big, it was ugly, and it had a big giant mirror over it. It served 3 purposes. First, it made the room look weird, which it did very well. Second, it served as a puzzle-making area for Max, which it did sorta well (it was a little too high). And finally, it was a staging area for Sotonia every Christmas...and this will be missed. But the bar gave its life to allow for our new tank to be installed! The pictures below document the formative stages of the tank's life from wet bar to filled and lit sterile reef. Enjoy!

Here's the construction work. It was the quickest part of the whole job, taking a few days in April, and then we waited...and waited...and waited...

All good tanks are supported by a good sump, so here are pictures of our sump room. It's in the basement about 20 feet offset from the tank horizontally, which required quite a bit of creative plumbing!

And here's the tank! Check our other pages for more tank shots once we start getting some (good) life show up.

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