Dr. Soto's Random Patient Generator

Welcome to the RPG! Although far from perfect, it is still a tool for use when practicing for the oral boards, or just for filling downtime (which you all have so much of). The idea for this came from a friend long ago who mentioned to me that there were only a handful of patient "types" that would ever be presented on the oral boards, and that any of these types could be modified with a list of "modifiers".

With that in mind, and with the help of a coder friend, I have created this tool! Simply select a patient type, then click on the 'generate modifiers' button, and voila! Although some of the combinations might seem a bit silly, most of them are entirely possible. Think about the patient for 5 minutes, make any notes you may need, and then spend 15 minutes talking about preoperative issues, 15 minutes talking about intraoperative issues, and 10 minutes talking about PACU issues. It's not entirely how the orals work, but saying this stuff out loud is excellent practice.

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